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Why not celebrate your love with family and friends in the south of France?
The popularity of foreign weddings continues to grow, and Voyage Vasco will guide you to ensure that your union is the most extraordinary.


Destination weddings can be the stuff of dreams, but they can also quickly become cliched. Want something completely different? Here are the top 10 most popular destinations to take your vows!


Denmark, the smallest of the Scandinavian countries, is undoubtedly the most southerly, both geographically and in spirit. Between the North Sea and the Baltic, Denmark is a land of water, sea and watercolors.


Famous for its historic castles, traditional Highland games and stunning lochs. A subtle blend of raw, untamed nature, rich history and unique culture.


If you're looking for a change of scenery and sunshine, you've come to the right place! Greece is also a land of festivals and traditions, restless nights that end at dawn, and a rich and inviting gastronomy.


In Hawaii, the raw forces of nature seem to have combined to form the most beautiful backdrop in the world. Volcanoes have shaped the islands one by one, still projecting their incandescent magma in fountains or glowing flows.

French Polynesia

The concept of the bungalow on stilts was born in French Polynesia. They symbolize the ultimate in luxury in paradise. Fall asleep lulled by the lapping of the water or dive from your terrace into a natural aquarium.


Heirs to a past spanning more than three thousand years, the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and Milan form the pages of an open-air history book. These great cities of the arts will tell you their stories through their most beautiful monuments.


Marrakech is a pearl polished by history and a taste for hospitality. Discoveries, encounters and picturesque memories are sure to charm you. Marrakech is a city full of life, with every facet revealing its dynamism.


Their islands of fine sandy beaches are dotted with charming guesthouses, hotels nestled under coconut palms and villas of natural materials and impeccable comfort.

Las Vegas

If you want to make your wedding an event where your dreams and your madness come together, Las Vegas is probably the place for you! Over 100,000 couples choose the City of Vice to take one of the most serious vows of their lives.